The Spectre is currently the fastest boat in the game being beaten slightly by the Raptor in acceleration and handling and being slightly faster than the Hovercraft and the SWAT Boat. This characteristic forces the Shark to use a Boost in a straight chase. Its appearance is that of a dual-hulled white motorboat with an orange stripe running on the side, a black slanted windshield, two orange comfortable seats, and two golden engines on its rear. The boat has the Abracadabra logo on its side and has a flame design on its hull to depict its blazing speed. Its golden engines release a fire trail, and there's a hidden seat for a shooter on the orange stripe on the back of the boat.

This is a must-buy boat for players who are not prepared to spend real money on Raptor since it can outrun most sharks (all sharks with skill, including Shortfin mako and mosasaurus). Unfortunately, boosting Mosasaurus can easily outrun Spectre even at its highest speed but mosa can't outrun this fast boat without boost.



Since the Spectre is the third fastest boat in the game, normally the player won't have trouble escaping from sharks, but keep in mind that if it hits the boundary or another boat, it will slow down and turn you into an easy prey for any shark and its so fast that they might not even see players to rescue. The size of the boat is considerably very small (almost smaller than wooden sailboat) - with only three seats - making the boat dodgy and harder to be destroyed by a shark. The consequence of the diminutive size is if the boat gets destroyed by a shark the player's chances of survival are very low. That can be avoided due to the boat's high handling, which is key to surviving and avoiding crashes that may hinder success. Sometimes the boat slows down and won't accelerate to its max speed, a really annoying glitch that often happens. The impressive turning ability is exclusive to the Spectre and with skill the boat will only tilt instead of flip when having racial turnings (pressing inverse direction immediately after finishing the racial turn, like turning right radically then hold a for 1 second to balance off the boat). The boat can easily capsize smaller boats with it's lean design and high speed. However, it will easily flip over on it's side if the driver turns to much.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely high speed (3rd Highest speed)
  • Extremely high handling (2nd highest handling according to in game statistics)
  • Small size
  • Aerodynamic format
  • Difficult to be noticed by bubbles
  • Can plow through debris relatively easily compared to other small boats.
  • Back seat has nothing blocking the back gunners' gun, giving them a massive advantage over the shark, as the shark will have issues getting close to the boat


  • Can be easily flipped upside down if hit or a radical turn
  • Low durability
  • Spectre new.png
    Only 3 seats: the driver, the passenger and another hidden seat on the orange stripe in the rear of the boat, while another passenger who is next to driver (front seats) can't really shoot as there is window and seat blocking it.
  • Sometimes the boat slows down and won't accelerate to its max speed.
  • Along with (Green and Pink) Jetski and Submarine, one of the easiest boats to hijack by a stranded player
  • Quite hard to maneuver by new players
  • Loses some speed when it turns
  • It can be driven by only experienced drivers as it can flip very easily.
  • It can easily be caught up by faster sharks, such as the Mosasaurus.
  • If flipped almost can never flip back up.
  • When turning great white can catch up.
  • Devs hide the secret seat on the back stripe


  • If capsized, you can occasionally flip yourself back over by running into terrain
  • The Abracadabra logo is inverted on one side
  • Has a similar hull style to the Catamaran, though much slimmer overall


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