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Welcome to the Roblox Shark Bite Wiki!

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Welcome to the Roblox Shark Bite Wiki!
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A game made by Abracadabra! Created in April 6, 2017 and is currently under Beta stage! You can view information, share facts, and enjoy the community, be sure to check the rules too!

Game Introduction

Shark Bite is a game about surviving the deadly jaws of a mega-sized shark, or by chance, be the shark! As a survivor, you have to grab a weapon, which you can buy, and a boat, which you can also buy too! You go off to sail the deep dangerous ocean and you can defend you or others from the bloodthirsty mouth of the supersized shark, if you play as shark, you get to go around the map eating up survivors and their boats for a currency called Shark Teeth, sails up everyone and watch out for that monster shark!


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