The SharkBite map!

The small square ocean in SharkBite is where games are played. The border wall around the enclosure is made up of green mountains so you can’t escape. The main island is where the lobby is located. After the 200 second round is over, players will spawn here where there is an intermission before the next round. The main island has a lighthouse which unfortunately does not shine light at night. You can reach the top by taking the floating elevator. There is also a balcony on top. The island also includes a stand where you can buy things with robux, there are many things decorating the walls in the lobby, there are rocky edges and a tunnel that goes across the island, But, under the island is a jail where the shark spawns, and it will probably target whoever’s closest. There is a big glass window on the island as well. Underneath the glass window is where the shark jail is. There is also another small island that does not have anything on it. But it’s a good place to hide behind.


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