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Roblox Shark Bite Wiki

Codes are able to be redeemed in the box on the left of the screen to the left of the mute button. They give rewards and can help the player survive each round with those rewards. Most of the rewards you extra 50 shark teeth.

Sharkbite Working Codes

Codes Date Expired Rewards
1BILLION available 100 Shark Teeth
SHARKBITE2 available 200 shark teeth
FROGGYBOAT available 50 shark teeth
DUCKYRAPTOR available 50 shark teeth

Sharkbite Expired Codes

Codes Rewards
STEALTH 50 Shark Teeth
LegendaryGun! 50 Shark Teeth
NewShark 50 Shark Teeth
EditShark! 50 Shark Teeth
NewGun 50 Shark Teeth
mosasaurus 50 Shark Teeth
SwimingLizard 50 Shark Teeth
Ghosts 50 Shark Teeth
SKELETONS 50 Shark Teeth
20KDISCORD 50 Shark Teeth
SimonSpace 50 Shark Teeth
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